4 Most Effective Marketing Strategies For A Hotel Business

As experts say, invest more in your marketing. Why? Marketing transports your business to different places and reaches your target audience. Without marketing, no one will know about your business, except probably your families and close friends. In running a hotel business, marketing is very important, especially that you are not the only hotel in your city and in the country. If you are working on your marketing plan now, consider these four most effective marketing strategies for a hotel business:


Run a website

In this digital era, most people now make their daily transactions online. As a matter of fact, 65% of customers book a hotel reservation through smartphones. So the question is: “Does your hotel have a website?” If none, hire a website developer now!  Website marketing is very effective in establishing your online presence, especially that “online” is the new trend for this generation.


Use social media

Social media marketing is probably the most powerful among digital marketing strategies. Imagine, over 4 billion people worldwide have social media accounts. Promoting your hotel through social media allows you a wider and more instant reach to your target audience. Most people now check the hotel’s Facebook or Instagram page to check some photos, reviews, services, and chat for some help.


Be reviewed

Apart from checking your website, some customers also refer to online sites that provide reviews about hotel accommodations, rates, and services. One of the most popular travel review sites is TripAdvisor. According to their site, 83% of travelers around the world go to their site to check out some hotels. As part of your marketing efforts, get listed on travel review sites like TripAdvisor. It will provide customers a great opportunity to find you online.


Conduct local promo events

Another way to boost booking rate is through the locals. Conduct a promotional event in your locality. This time, you are targeting the people around you. How does this help? Of course, relatives from afar will surely ask these people about what hotel to recommend. Building a relationship with the locals will help your hotel business.

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