Novotel PCR is one of the leading marketing firms in Australia that specialize in hotel businesses. We help hotels and accommodation providers establish their brand in the industry. We are also experts in building your online presence through various digital marketing strategies.


To provide you an overview of what we do, here are the basic steps we do in providing you the best marketing strategy:



Research is very important before we proceed to the marketing proper. We need to know the strengths and weaknesses of your hotel, as well as the threats and opportunities. We need to study the competition, the market, and the trends. This will help us in the drafting our marketing plan.



After a thorough research, we proceed to the planning. In this stage, our marketing experts and your representatives will discuss the marketing strategies to be implemented. We will identify the marketing mix or the set of marketing tools we will use in promoting your brand in the hotel industry.



After finalizing the marketing strategy, we proceed to the implementation stage. We will carry out the plans – advertising, promotional events, digital marketing, and PR stunts – name it. We promise to deliver the best marketing services.



After the implementation, it is best to evaluate the output of our marketing efforts. Before the implementation, your company will set goals. In this stage, we will check if those goals are accomplished. As part of the evaluation, we offer recommendations for the continued growth and development of your hotel business.