Top 6 Traits of A Good Hotel Most Travelers Look For

In traveling, finding a place to stay is very crucial. After a long, tiresome day, of course, you want to take a good rest in a comfortable place. Basically, travelers are very keen on the hotels that they book. Factors including price, amenities, services, and location are among their considerations. In this article, we will discuss that top six traits and characteristics of what customers call a “good hotel”.


Amazing View

People love to stay on a hotel where the beautiful view of the place is overlooking – day or night. Based on a study, people prefer the view of skyscrapers, green vineyards, and blue seas on their window.


Private and Secure

Travelers should not worry about their safety. In finding hotels, among their considerations are privacy and security.


Center Spot

Location is also very important. The hotel should be on the center spot, surrounded by most of the tourist destinations in the place. It makes traveling for them more convenient.



A good hotel offers comfortability to their guests. This should be reflected on the facilities, amenities, and technologies. The bed should be comfortable enough. Showers rooms should be available. Hotels and bars should have restaurants. A grocery mart is also a plus, in case your customers need to buy some necessities.

Customer Service

Part of good accommodation is good customer service. The hotel’s staff provides an impression to the customers. They should be polite by welcoming them with a warm greeting and a welcome drink, perhaps. Upon checking-in, the staff should explain all the amenities to the customers. They shall also be available 24/7 for all the customers’ concerns.


Reasonable Price

Lastly, customers check the price. In this part, it doesn’t matter if it’s cheap or expensive. What counts most is the reasonability of the hotel rates. If it is a luxurious hotel, equipped with all the modern technologies, then it is expected to be expensive. On the other hand, if it offers the basic accommodation services, the price will surely be low. No one wants to pay huge for a basic accommodation.

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